In the "Now Here"

Imagine going to a concert and witnessing a group of musicians who are virtuosos. Everything that they play seems so effortless and sounds fluid-you can lose yourself in the moment. Have you been able to recall an athlete who just takes over the game and accomplishes what most of the other skilled players in the game may have trouble executing so gracefully?

When you are able to be truly present in the moment, then you may be finding yourself accomplishing certain feats with ease...It's not that laboring is it? Too many of us are inundated with so much information and live incredibly busy lifestyles. Many times, we catch ourselves thinking about what has happened in the past. Or, we are fixated on the future and what may become...or not.

I remember seeing the words "Now Here" on the front step of a 17th century brass bell maker in Innsbruck, Austria. These words woven into the door mat instantly grabbed my full attention. It is as if the letters jumped out, grabbed a hold of me and shook my being. After pondering the significance of these two simple words, my playing and approach to the drums shifted drastically for the rest of the European tour that year! Nothing felt forced or too cerebral. A super conscious plane was reached! Needless to say, from the clouds of the past and the fog of the future, a clarity emerged that put each living moment into sharp focus.

Be in the Now Here! That is where the magic happens.