TRUST...How can it be restored?

We are all living in times where many of us are scratching our heads and trying to evaluate what is true apart from fiction. The overload that we are constantly served on a daily basis has turned into a loud buzz of noise that dominates what is supposed be knowledge and or "discussion." Whoever is shouting the information the loudest-regardless of it's integrity and credibility, seems to be "winning." However, much of these offerings have become a murky pool of stratagem. So much so, that it personifies all of the background noise from a packed food court at a mall...the clarity is lost.

What if we choose to add value and make our current environments more improved by adding a dose of humility? How about if people are presented with empowerment for solutions-backed by action from within their own communities? This would make their lives better!

Misdirection is designed to make us feel like we do not have the power within us to make these priceless contributions. Do we have the chutzpah inside ourselves to unplug from all this chaos and honestly ask ourselves, "What can I offer to others to make their lives better?" Instead of, "What's in it for me?"

Each one of us has some sort of potential that needs be realized and then developed into an offering of ideas, (backed by the continuous sharpening of skills) so that the lives of others will be improved. I am urging you to realize that there is no real winner in a zero sum game-like the one we have been fed. If our intent stays true, (to others as well as ourselves) then the path to integrity gets paved. Once, we foster integrity, the truth driving the intent will be out in the open-there will no longer be a need to mask it! Trust will ultimately burn through the fog of all the white noise-provided we learn to say what we mean and do what we say-and more importantly for the benefit of others. The ability to remain sincere and vulnerable while giving, loving, and receiving takes real courage! How can you contribute? Will you build trust?