Are You Prosperous?

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to hang out on the set of a popular American television show. It was amazing to bear witness to the inner-workings of all of the interactions that everyone had with each other behind the scenes. After the taping and broadcast of the episode, there was a pretty large gathering of all of the people in a backstage area, (contestants, judges, musicians, attorneys, press, crew, and families). I noticed that a star was in the area but was off to the corner. This celebrity looked unhappy and very lonely-a dark energy seemed to surrounding this person. There are moments when we can discern the difference between someone having a challenging day from those who carry a heavy energy around with them everywhere they go. This is someone who many people admire and may even look up to-someone who seems to have all the pieces in place for success. One who could be perceived as very “prosperous.”

If you are prosperous, what does it mean? Does it mean that you have a huge sum of money? Influence? Fame? Are you fulfilled? Are you busy engaging in a zero sum mentality?

Quite often, we sometimes get caught up in what we do not want. We all have the ability and responsibility to shift each of our paradigms to become congruent with a mindset of abundance. Let's concentrate our energies and focus on exactly what we do desire. Many of us may already have the bounty that we truly seek. Thus, we are already prosperous!…and continuously blossoming.

Do you?

-have a good education (formal and or informal)

-have reliable transport

-engage in your passions 

-know that you and those that you care about are safe

-have meaningful work

-have an adequate source of money

-have optimum health

-manifest what you dream

Are we truly grateful for all of the blessings that come our way? More importantly, have we purged the feelings, moments, and things that add clutter to our lives - in order to make the space for the abundance that we really want? Know exactly what you need and create the capacity in your life to receive the new gifts that will appear!