Do What You Say

I recall performing a show for a huge crowd of people in a known and respected venue a few years ago. Our band played three 55 minute sets and 2 encores! Everything about the moment fell into place. The sound and lighting were "spot on" and a packed audience was jumping throughout the evening. Feeling emotionally fulfilled and exhausted, it was time to pack up, collect our pay, and load out.

However, at the conclusion of this evening, the booking agent who we made the agreement with was no where to be found! One of the bartenders was calling his cell phone and sending texts...NO Response. This booking agent never returned any calls or texts thereafter. Needless to say, we were never compensated for that night’s performance.

Integrity is the currency that builds trust. Imagine if you are not making regular deposits into the bank? What will you have left to withdraw? What happens if you neglect reinvesting back into yourself and the others around you? Will your loved ones trust you? We have a responsibility to fulfill the obligation once we make a commitment. Integrity is manifested once we take action and deliver on our promise.

Cultivating any meaningful and fruitful relationships requires the exercise of integrity. I will add one addendum to this Mark Twain quote, "We ought never to do wrong when people are looking." well as when they are not looking.

Do you make promises? Are you delivering on those commitments? Do what you say and invest each time with integrity!