Changes in Perspective Unlock Ignorance

Was there ever a time you went to see your favorite artist perform live and walked away from the concert knowing that, what you just heard did not exactly match the recordings that you are accustomed to hearing? I have definitely had my fair share of these moments. Some questions may follow: Why did the overall sound seem muddy? How come I couldn’t hear the singer? Why did I just see the drummer hit the cymbal and I am hearing it a split second later?

It is convenient for many of us to make judgements hastily when we feel like our experience seems out of line with what we may have initially anticipated. 

“The singer is straining too much and a bit off…”

“All I hear is bass…or none…”

You are merely perceiving these moments from that one particular reference point! The venue that you are sitting in may have been better designed to have sporting events instead of concerts. Your seats could be located in a bass trap. Or, you my be nestled off to the side of the stage and picking up more stage volume than the full sound being pumped towards the front of the house.

What would the same music that you are hearing sound like from:

…behind the main sound board?

…behind the drums on the riser?

…behind the stage?

…the nose bleed seats way up in the back?

…the front row?

You will undoubtedly recognize a noticeable difference in how the music will sound in each of these various perspectives! So…How can you possibly have a complete and true understanding of any occurrence which is being presented to you if your perception is limited?

Make the effort to see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and feel a particular phenomena from different angles. Expand your awareness! This will sharpen your acumen.