Does More Freedom Lead to Independence?

Have you ever attended a jazz show? One, where all of the musicians on the bandstand are reaching for and expressing themselves at their optimum levels of creativity. They are making their own choices while collaborating! There is this flow to the music and overall energy which takes you to another place…it is transcendent.

The freedom of expression is magnificent, but comes with a collective understanding within thegroup: the performers, crew, and the audience. Such an event, like many similar to it, exemplifies interdependence. Being interdependent is to be mutually reliant upon one another. Human beings are inherently wired to do just that! 

Independence is the opposite. It is not reliant on support, control, or aid from others. Think about what occurs when a surgeon removes a tumor from someone's body. The tumor then becomes independent from the support of the networks in the body. It will then cease to grow.

In order to create…to innovate…to lead, you must accept great responsibility. More freedom is then acquired once you make that decision to own these traits and the obligations that materialize when exercising authority. You will gradually move away from allowing other people and systems to decide for you.

An effective leader realizes that growth is reliant upon connecting and synthesizing. Just observe any living organism. The overall collective of billions of cells depend on each other in order to thrive- the complete opposite of being independent. This means celebrating the small victories of others as well as your own. It also requires transparency and accountability when setbacks occur.

Decide! Choose to make choices! Obtain a greater degree of freedom. You will then realize the importance of interdependence amidst others as well as our environments.